Collecting and using customer intelligence with Zoho Marketing Hub


Collecting and using customer intelligence with Zoho Marketing Hub


Nowadays, all businesses have many tools which help them collect customer information but, very often, these tools act in isolation and do not allow you to have a complete view of your customer journey. Many platforms will tell you which campaigns, promotions, channels are generating leads, but at some point there is a disconnection between marketing and sales and you cannot see which sales you can tie back to specific marketing activities.

In these conditions, the biggest challenge for us marketers is how to collect information that we can use to support marketing and sales decisions. In their 21 years in business, Broadley Speaking have always been successful at bridging the gap between sales and marketing, and now we have added another powerful string to our bow.

Zoho Marketing Hub.

Zoho Marketing hub is the brand new Zoho tool which integrates website tracking and marketing automation. We discovered it because we are Zoho partners and users of Zoho apps; it gives you a view of which specific campaign is driving revenue so you can dedicate your budget only to the things that are working.

One of the reasons why Marketing Hub is so powerful at doing this, is that it gives you a full view of your customers’ journey before they convert, thanks to two features called “Journey Builder” and “Web assistant” which we can integrate to produce powerful insights into customer behaviour.

If a prospect visits a page of my website for a specific product, for example, I can set up and automate a nurture journey for that prospect: talk to them about that product, offer them relevant blog posts, dedicated e-mails and targeted messages, therefore putting them at the center of all my marketing communications until I see that they move through the journey and become customers or – if they no longer show any interest- I can move them onto a different nurture sequence.

It’s this flexibility that makes my marketing activities really relevant: rather than just push all of my products to everyone and see what sticks, I can serve my prospects the material they really appreciate and this is better for me as a marketer and for that person as a user.

I can even stagger my e-mail delivery to suit each of my prospects’ opening habits because thanks to Marketing Hub, I know when they prefer to open their e-mails and can automate sending.


Besides, Marketing Hub integrates seamlessly with all other Zoho apps so it can track the activity generated by all your marketing initiatives like e-mail campaigns, e-commerce, sms, social campaigns (full integration with LinkedIn is still missing but being developed) surveys and webinars.

This is real one-to-one segmentation. Zoho Marketing Hub gives us end-to-end- customer data so we can make sales and marketing decisions totally rooted in evidence.

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