Challenging assumptions. How we help clients within the healthcare space.


Challenging assumptions. How we help clients within the healthcare space achieve their business objectives. A Case Study.



Challenging assumptions is never easy but, sometimes, you have to be bold and disruptive. Read this case study to see how we helped a client do just that.

Who is our client?

They are the largest provider of cancer and cardiac care in Australia, leading the curve in clinical trials in these areas. They have centres in the UK and in Spain.

Currently in the UK they deliver cancer diagnosis, treatment and holistic cancer care at 14 centres across the country.

The organisation is innovative, ambitious and data driven.

What are the client’s objectives?

They want to provide the best possible treatment to 2,500 patients in 2019/20.

In the UK they aim for their brand to be synonymous with the best private cancer care. As well as driving referrals to their centres, their aim is to capture referral opportunities early in the patient pathway, at GP level. Our client’s preferred route to market is through GP educational events held at their centres.

What has our biggest challenge been?

Instigating disruption and challenging assumptions in a space that currently contains some well-known household names.

What’s our solution?

We apply our Total Prospect Management approach. Initially providing visibility of all GP practices, their doctors and relevant practice staff, within the catchment area of each centre.

With this qualification in place, we now reach out to the practices by phone and via targeted e-shots.  This enables us to promote GP events and to identify areas of training that meet the current requirements of the doctors and practice staff.

This activity includes the design and distribution of invitations with calling to support this, including event follow-ups in order to gain attendee feedback.  We provide ongoing insights into areas of special interest and potential gaps in training as well as tracking uptake levels based on subject matter and geography.

What’s the outcome for our client?

  • Sight of 4,800 GP practices, with all associated doctors and relevant practice staff, with contact details.
  • An increase in our support activity from 3 to 14 UK centres.
  • The tools to align their approach to events and training with current GP requirements therefore, increasing the effectiveness of this activity.
  • Promotion of an average of 15 GP educational events per month on their behalf.
  • Currently, 100 in-surgery training appointments generated which include a full introduction to their proposition.
  • An increase of 784% in event attendees since the start of the campaign.


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