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5 Do’s and Dont’s of Cold Calling.

Cold calling is often viewed as a fairly unsophisticated form of lead generation. Actually, a poorly-executed B2B telemarketing campaign can cause untold damage to a brand and make a huge dent in marketing budgets without generating any results. On the contrary, when properly executed, cold calling is still one of the most efficient lead generation techniques. […]

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In-house or outsourced telesales and telemarketing?

You may have a received view of outsourced telesales. You may have tried to outsource this type of business development work before. In a world of dramatically changing buying behaviour,your sales approach must evolve or you will be left behind. You should,probably, also review your received view of telemarketing and telesales. If you are considering […]

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How to get attention in Telemarketing and telesales

We often talk with our clients about mistaking “activity” for “action” when they think about telemarketing and telesales. Nowadays,  it’s  less expensive than ever to get someone’s contact details, plug them into an auto-dialler, strap the operator to the machine and set the machine running. This is ‘old school’ telemarketing and telesales. Unfortunately, it appears […]

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Telemarketing and telesales is the cutting edge of the marketing sword

There’s a fair argument that professionally delivered telemarketing and telesales should play a key role in your telemarketing and telesales strategy. It can act as the cutting edge of any marketing campaign now that buyers see past the brand and want to know about the product. I was there at the birth of the web, […]

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It’s not just about telemarketing and telesales

  Whilst Broadley Speaking can make a sensible case for being one of the UK’s premier suppliers of  lead generation, telemarketing and telesales services we work in a variety of ways with our clients. We don’t use this as the only tool to help our clients write new business. We also support them with  strategic sales […]

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Business-to-Business Telemarketing boosts manufacturer’s sales

  New breed of  Business-to-Business telemarketing pushes manufacturers sales The journey of a product from factory to buyer is a long and sometimes perilous tale. UK manufacturers all face this on a daily basis, be it the uncertainty, the competition or lack of customers. If you have ever wished for more customers, or to break […]

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What is the Price of Experience? Telesales Success Driven by Experience

    Look out for experience for telesales and telemarketing success We take on an average of six new business enquiries a day; from SEO, PPC and most commonly through personal recommendation (from one happy client to a future prospect). It seems to us that many enquirers quickly can get in to deep water buying […]