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Our Telemarketing services are based on our very own intelligent sales approach. Our expert Account Managers get to know you and your company – no matter how “niche” it is – and use the latest technology in order to have powerful discussions with key decision makers in the sectors that matter to you; opening the doors that could lead you to the business deal of your life. Our Telemarketing will raise your profile, showcase your skills and services and help your organisation compete with the leaders in your chosen sector.

Over the past 20 years we’ve helped our clients to increase their revenue tenfold, or introduced them to companies with whom they went on to close six-figure deals. And we don’t “just” do telemarketing. We become our clients’ critical business partner, offering a more distanced perspective as well as professional sales advocacy, using the benefit of our Directors’ collective 100 years of experience.

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5 Do’s and Dont’s of Cold Calling.

Cold calling is often viewed as a fairly unsophisticated form of lead generation. Actually, a poorly-executed B2B telemarketing campaign can cause untold damage to a brand and make a huge dent in marketing budgets without generating any results. On the contrary, when properly executed, cold calling is still one of the most efficient lead generation techniques. […]

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Secrets and lies: how to make great sales calls

Once I was challenged by a client who was concerned about how we were going to represent his innovative new process control technology without a script. I explained that we tend to use a sales approach that we develop in conjunction with the client and not the usual line-by-line script so commonly used by other […]

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Preparation is key, if you want to Succeed in International Sales.

  Nearly 40% of our current work involves working hand in glove with clients supporting them achieve international sales. So perhaps it was no surprise that Broadley Speaking was asked to give a  ‘keynote’ talk at the Plymouth International Trade Club. International sales can provide fantastic returns and we are currently supporting a number of […]

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Things you Should Consider Before you Outsource Telemarketing

      Whether you are a FTSE 100 company mapping out a new target market or an SME looking to launch an innovation into your market, the rules are the same, and so are the reasons of the frustration. Are your sales teams chasing the wrong leads? Wasting time going to appointments with the […]

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First impressions count – 21st century new business development

There’s a new breed of new business development in the 21st century which is about generating new revenues and enhancing brand experience Catalyst, the re- thought and rebranded magazine from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) makes for a cracking read nowadays. The January 2016 issue arrived on our desks today – its focus “Brand […]


BRIC sales – telemarketing across South America for FORTUNE

    Broadley Speaking prides itself on the world class B2B sales skills that fuel its renowned telesales and telemarketing campaigns. We work across a vast and varied range of exhilarating and exciting B2B sales campaigns; we support companies of all sizes in reaching their sales goals whilst enhancing their brands. Our work demonstrates the […]

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Talk to the right decision makers when developing new business

Broadley Speaking has gained global recognition as the leader in delivering highly qualified, high value new business development opportunities on behalf of our clients.  We know that to successfully deliver highly qualified, high value new business development opportunities, understanding whom the “buyer” of your product or service is, is key for success. Understanding who the […]

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How to make telemarketing calls and influence people

Machiavelli, the original adviser to princes, could have the answers to a ubiquitous telemarketing challenge. How can you show leadership in telemarketing calls and influence a prospect to change their buying behaviour in favour of your product? In a paper for the Harvard Business Review, Amy Cuddy (associate professor of business administration at the Harvard […]


How to get attention in Telemarketing and telesales

We often talk with our clients about mistaking “activity” for “action” when they think about telemarketing and telesales. Nowadays,  it’s  less expensive than ever to get someone’s contact details, plug them into an auto-dialler, strap the operator to the machine and set the machine running. This is ‘old school’ telemarketing and telesales. Unfortunately, it appears […]

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