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New business development

Business Development is about creating value for your business. This covers many areas: generating good leads, mapping markets, nurturing relationships, managing customers and prospects, building a solid sales pipeline.

At Broadley Speaking we help our clients worldwide with their business development strategies, creating long-term value with our Total Prospect Management approach. We help you find out where the best business opportunities lie and manage your prospects in order to optimise the potential of your existing relationships and build a solid pipeline. We use all traditional and innovative tools to advocate your brand with senior decision makers and help you close the best deals.

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Is it a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Philippa Sherrell, Social Selling Lead at Broadley Speaking, thinks it might just be ! For many years traditional ‘social media agencies’ have trumpeted their success on the back of volume of ‘followers’ and ‘connections’  to either individual profiles or company LinkedIn pages. In the last few weeks, and after much pressure from those in the […]

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Challenging assumptions. How we help clients within the healthcare space achieve their business objectives. A Case Study.

    Challenging assumptions is never easy but, sometimes, you have to be bold and disruptive. Read this case study to see how we helped a client do just that. Who is our client? They are the largest provider of cancer and cardiac care in Australia, leading the curve in clinical trials in these areas. […]

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Put yourself in your clients’ shoes

  Are you struggling to see the progress in your lead generation? Is your sales team failing to get past initial contact with prospects? It shouldn’t be too hard to get a foot in the door with businesses within your prospect pool, in theory.   The reason they’ve been identified as prospects is because they fit […]

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Lead Generation is dead. Long live Total Prospect Management.

    We have chosen this provocative title for our April newsletter in order to stress a theme that is at the heart of our life as a business: traditional Lead Generation practices will not deliver new business opportunities in the 21st century B2B sales scenario. The truth is that most markets are finite and […]

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How Do You Write a Business Development Plan?

  Many times new business can be created by investigating new markets and finding new customers; other times it can come from leveraging relationships with existing clients. In both cases, you need a strategy and the right skills to implement it. With our 21 years of experience working with companies across the world, we are […]

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Embedding our team members to support our clients across the world.

Global Business Development Best Practices: embedding our team members to support our clients across the world. Broadley Speaking has clients across the World. Our very best results come from working hand in glove with clients. We regularly embed our senior Account Managers in our client’s offices. This embedded role results in working directly with our […]

New business development

Pros and cons of outsourcing new business development

  Business, which doesn’t like uncertainty at the best of times, is facing challenging times in the midst of Brexit and current global economics; the marketplace is changing and businesses need to start shaping up for the future.   Predictions are that innovative approaches to client service and delivery will become a mandate for survival. […]

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