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Lead Generation

Lead generation describes the process of stimulating interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline.

Sustainable Business Development.

Broadley Speaking specialises in driving sustainable business development working with companies selling complex products and services. Searching for quality leads is key from the very beginning to maximize ROI from lead generation campaigns.

Recently the buying process has changed, and this has meant the need to develop new ways to reach potential buyers. There needs to be a focus on finding innovative ways to analyse potential buyers and the buying group dynamic; then, a new strategy to maintain a continuous relationship with each and every buyer.

15th April 2019

Lead Generation is dead. Long live Total Prospect Management.

    We have chosen this provocative title for our April newsletter in order to stress a theme that is at the heart of our life as a business: traditional Lead Generation practices will not deliver new business opportunities in the 21st century B2B sales scenario. The truth is that most markets are finite and […]

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13th November 2018

How to use SEO for lead generation.

  Are you getting  a lot of website traffic but not enough from the right kind of visitors? Do you have good keyword rankings but not enough engagement and conversions? It’s a common situation to be in. SEO can boost thought leadership and bring good leads. However an SEO strategy requires a lot of careful […]

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8th October 2018

The Broad Sheet, October 2018. B2B Lead Generation Newsletter.

  We are proud to introduce “The Broad Sheet”, Broadley Speaking’s monthly lead generation newsletter. Every issue will contain articles and links to Broadley Speaking’s lead generation resources, podcasts and videos and will offer practical, actionable advice derived from our experience of over 21 years. In the first issue the spotlight is on: Cold Calling Cold […]

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17th September 2018

5 Do’s and Dont’s of Cold Calling.

Cold calling is often viewed as a fairly unsophisticated form of lead generation. Actually, a poorly-executed B2B telemarketing campaign can cause untold damage to a brand and make a huge dent in marketing budgets without generating any results. On the contrary, when properly executed, cold calling is still one of the most efficient lead generation techniques. […]

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1st May 2018

Happy May Day

Long before May Day became synonymous with Soviet politicians and military parades through Moscow, it was an important date in the South-West’s calendar. A time for Devon and Cornwall to erupt in joyous celebration. In every town and village, the arrival of Spring was met with parties and feasting. Flaxen-haired maidens danced around maypoles, flagons […]

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13th April 2018

Introducing an Independent Label into the UK Fashion Scene: Via Masini 80.

    L.Pucci has designed women’s trousers for nearly 50 years since Lorenzo and Bruno Pucci created the company in 1972. The second and third generation are now running the business from the Castelfiorentino HQ in the picturesque hills of Tuscany; in the meantime, L.Pucci has built a reputation for quality and style in many […]

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10th April 2018

Things you Should Consider Before you Outsource Telemarketing

      Whether you are a FTSE 100 company mapping out a new target market or an SME looking to launch an innovation into your market, the rules are the same, and so are the reasons of the frustration. Are your sales teams chasing the wrong leads? Wasting time going to appointments with the […]

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