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International Telemarketing and Telesales

Telemarketing and Telesales services to clients across the globe.

Broadley Speaking was established to change the face of telemarketing, telesales and lead generation.

We introduced the concept of “intelligent sales” and for over 20 years we have helped businesses meet their goals. As a result, more and more businesses, from large multinational groups to medium size businesses,  use our Business Development and appointment setting services to drive new revenue.

Our system.

Whatever your market place, our objective is always to identify, nurture and deliver new, targeted, business opportunities. To do this we favour a blended approach using all the communication tools traditional and innovative; first of all we identify the right decision-makers, then we deliver tailored sales messages.

Each campaign follows a bespoke strategy we design together with our clients and a suite of tactics in order to optimise results.

Furthermore, we provide a multilingual team of experienced Telemarketing and Telesales professionals for International Telesales and Telemarketing campaigns.

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The art and science of lead generation

Last week Broadley Speaking was honoured to be invited to give the key note address on successful lead generation at the first day of the CSi International Sales Conference held at the Marriott Hotel in Durham, UK. Lead generation is a perennial problem particularly for companies selling products that represent a large capex project. CSi […]

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Telemarketing and telesales breaks through the glass ceiling

Some people will try and tell you that telemarketing and telesales cannot be used to reach out to C suite executives. Well we can do it ! Many people underestimate the level at which professionally conducted telemarketing and telesales can work. This received view is itself prescribed by the experience people have of the telemarketing […]

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Detailed preparation at the heart of professional telemarketing and telesales

Sometimes when we are asked to conduct telemarketing and telesales on behalf of clients they will say: “We have a script and list of names – when can you get started?” With the kind of high level telemarketing and telesales we conduct its highly unusual it is that simple. The level at which our modern […]

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Telemarketing,telesales,lead generation – it’s all Greek to us!

We spent yesterday with a new client who had an “unfortunate” experience with a regular B2B telemarketing operation.So poor was it, that on listening to some of the calls they had felt compelled to call the prospect to apologise for its delivery! I wasn’t going to mention this as, frankly, we hear less extreme versions […]

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Unleashing the potential in overseas markets – overseas sales

As many of our customers appreciate moving into new markets can provide fantastic returns. Broadley Speaking overseas sales campaigns work to dramatic effect. We work with Irish companies selling across Europe, Italian companies marketing into the US,Canadian companies selling across North America,companies in Scotland selling software into Scandinavia and Northern Europe,working with US companies selling […]

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Representing the World’s biggest business brand to the World’s most senior executives

  When the World’s leading business brands need to speak to their customers they choose Broadley Speaking to do it. There’s a sensible case to be made that FORTUNE is the most powerful B2B brand in the World. It represents required reading for the World’s most senior business executives. It is the World’s most well-informed […]

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Transatlantic telemarketing – they make the strings, we play the music

At Broadley Speaking we do our fair share of transatlantic projects – both selling UK products into the US and helping US companies enter the UK and European markets. However the Mondomusica project represents a whole new ball game ! Mondomusica New York is a new exhibition where violin making tradition, world leading contemporary instrument makers and […]

International Telemarketing and Telesales, Telemarketing