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International Telemarketing and Telesales

Telemarketing and Telesales services to clients across the globe.

Broadley Speaking was established to change the face of telemarketing, telesales and lead generation.

We introduced the concept of “intelligent sales” and for over 20 years we have helped businesses meet their goals. As a result, more and more businesses, from large multinational groups to medium size businesses,  use our Business Development and appointment setting services to drive new revenue.

Our system.

Whatever your market place, our objective is always to identify, nurture and deliver new, targeted, business opportunities. To do this we favour a blended approach using all the communication tools traditional and innovative; first of all we identify the right decision-makers, then we deliver tailored sales messages.

Each campaign follows a bespoke strategy we design together with our clients and a suite of tactics in order to optimise results.

Furthermore, we provide a multilingual team of experienced Telemarketing and Telesales professionals for International Telesales and Telemarketing campaigns.

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How our multilingual team create global business opportunities for multinational clients resulting in valuable new business contracts.  A Case Study.

    Global business opportunities are hard to find. Here is an example of how we do this at Broadley Speaking. Who is our Client? Their brand is a well known household name and is synonymous with high performance. Worldwide, they are known and respected for their commitment to specialization, innovation and collaboration, not least in the […]

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In-house or outsourced telesales and telemarketing?

You may have a received view of outsourced telesales. You may have tried to outsource this type of business development work before. In a world of dramatically changing buying behaviour,your sales approach must evolve or you will be left behind. You should,probably, also review your received view of telemarketing and telesales. If you are considering […]

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Preparation is key, if you want to Succeed in International Sales.

  Nearly 40% of our current work involves working hand in glove with clients supporting them achieve international sales. So perhaps it was no surprise that Broadley Speaking was asked to give a  ‘keynote’ talk at the Plymouth International Trade Club. International sales can provide fantastic returns and we are currently supporting a number of […]

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BRIC sales – telemarketing across South America for FORTUNE

    Broadley Speaking prides itself on the world class B2B sales skills that fuel its renowned telesales and telemarketing campaigns. We work across a vast and varied range of exhilarating and exciting B2B sales campaigns; we support companies of all sizes in reaching their sales goals whilst enhancing their brands. Our work demonstrates the […]

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“Call that a knife….” – really niche telemarketing and telesales

In 17 years of providing high level telemarketing and telesales for our clients across the UK and Europe we have covered most business-to-business sectors, some of them extraordinarily niche.Understandably many people don’t understand this until they start a conversation with us. Early on in many conversations with potential clients they will say: “I like the […]

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Telemarketing and telesales is the cutting edge of the marketing sword

There’s a fair argument that professionally delivered telemarketing and telesales should play a key role in your telemarketing and telesales strategy. It can act as the cutting edge of any marketing campaign now that buyers see past the brand and want to know about the product. I was there at the birth of the web, […]

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How to Carry out a Winning B2B Telemarketing Campaign.

    ‘Telemarketing’ is a blanket term which conjures up visions of mass call centres and high levels of cold calling; this bears little relation to what you are about to read. Briefing an agency. Your fundamental objective when engaging in a B2B Telemarketing campaign is surely to uncover new business opportunities and win new […]

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Broadley Speaking Italia

  Broadley Speaking Italia continues to develop and thrive With a hugely successful few days in Italy making new colleagues and visiting old ones. Our first day was centred around Florence with a trip out t0 high end ladies fashion manufacturer L.P. Confezioni in Castelfiorentino. A wonderful family business which designs and creates high quality womenswear […]

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Global recognition for best in class new business development programmes

Broadley Speaking’s vision is to be recognised globally as the new business development partner of choice for companies selling complex products and services to senior decision makers This is not to say we ever want to be a global brand to compete with Coca-Cola but that our methodologies , standards and ways of working around […]

International Telemarketing and Telesales, New business development, Telemarketing