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November 2017 marketing roundup: the Best of Account Based Marketing and Content Marketing.

  For this month’s blogging roundup on marketing, we have selected four posts about Content Marketing and Account Based Marketing. The first one is by Michele Linn and is about how to focus on your audience  when creating your content marketing strategy. When we decide our content strategies, as bloggers, we should create material which adds […]

Digital marketing

The power of hashtags

  A hashtag is a hyperlink between resources; in its common usage, it is a word or phrase preceded by the # symbol inside a message to indicate a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate search. If you use a hashtag in a message it becomes indexed and searchable so if someone clicks on […]

Digital marketing

The Right Social Media Strategy For Your Business

    You are using your social media to promote your personal brand or your business, you are putting time and efforts into it but results are not satisfactory: your followers are not growing, engagement rate is low and referrals to your website are sluggish. In other words, your social media activity is not bringing […]

Digital marketing

How do you capitalise on event opportunities to drive traffic to your site?

  Are you currently capitalising on event opportunities? Events such as Wimbledon or Tour de France, etc. are a really good chance for you to try and bring traffic to your webiste and boost your social media engagement. Have you got an annual plan to include any such events in your campaigns? This article will […]

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Go Viral: Are Social Signals a Ranking Factor?

    There is no direct proof that social signals impact ranking. In 2010, Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Anti Spam, released two videos on this topic: one in May stating that they were not using social signals as a ranking factor and one in December 2010 saying that, at that time, that they were […]

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How to build a custom content calendar.

    You have got a website and you need a content marketing strategy. You know that publishing quality, useful content is the foundation for any successful content marketing strategy. However, creating quality content for your website is not enough: you must publish it regularly, update it, push it, refer to it, share it on […]

Digital marketing

Reduce bounce rate and optimise for conversion

    It is a very common case: your website has a few articles on a given topic which perform well in search, attract qualified traffic and are shared on social platforms. However, your bounce rate is high; which means visitors who land on those pages leave after reading the articles instead of exploring more […]

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An integrated approach to SEO to capitalise on business opportunities.

        The times when SEO was only about keywords, ranking, crawling and linking have gone. Semantic Search, User Intent, Accelerated Mobile Pages, A.I., User Experience, Structured Data, are continuously creating areas where SEO overlaps with PPC, social media, traditional marketing, PR and content marketing.  As a result, it has become nearly impossible […]

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Optimise for User Intent to get qualified traffic to your website.

    User Intent is revolutionising the way we do SEO both in B2C and B2B, but what is it exactly?  It is what the user is looking for when performing a search; the intention behind the keywords, the goal behind the search. It is generally accepted that there are three types of searches: Informational […]

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