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Innovation in Sales Systems. Part 1: the CRM.

  Innovation in Sales Systems Sales systems are everywhere! Most companies have one or indeed several different platforms that purport to be the “latest sales technology” that is “better than anything on the market” and is often peddled alongside irreverent terms such as “cutting edge”, “state-of-the-art” and “ground-breaking”.  Whilst most of that would appear to […]

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Digital Marketing Skills for the Modern Age.

  Digital marketing today requires a very diverse skillset; as the scenario is evolving all the time, so is the skillset of  a digital marketer. One might even say that the most important skills for a digital marketer are openness and being able to learn quickly. With this post we want to give our contribution […]

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SPEAKING BROADLEY. B2B Sales podcasts.

    Are you a sales professional looking for some different strategies, or tips on how to boost your results? Does your pipeline seem too inaccurate or not robust? Are you wasting time chasing the wrong leads? Broadley Speaking’s new B2B sales podcast and videos (more about videos in a post next week) address exactly […]

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How do you create a content strategy to get attention from your audience?

“It’s never been easier to create content, it’s never been harder to reach your customer” Steve Rayson. Brighton SEO, April 2018. Those of us who attended some of the content strategy talks at Brighton SEO in April arrived there with one big question on their minds: with the web so saturated with all types of […]

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SEO and Content Marketing Convergence.

    The importance of content marketing for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION has been a topic of conversation for many years; “content is king” is the buzzword at every digital marketing conference. However, only recently we have come to realise that SEO and content marketing must converge. The purpose of SEO is to make it easy […]

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Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

  If you are not already using LinkedIn for B2B lead Generation, you should start immediately: these statistics (courtesy of LinkedIn itself) will give you an idea of the power of LinkedIn. User base LinkedIn is the largest social media for B2B professionals in the world: 467 million – Total number of LinkedIn users. 1.5 Million – The […]

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Optimise for “Ideas” and Catch your Leads Early on their Buying Journey.

Search is turning into problem-solving. The “Think with Google” Ads Research and Insights team has been digging into Google’s search data and found that people are more and more searching for ideas; ”gift ideas”, “interview outfit ideas”, “holiday ideas” are among the most popular searches. In other words, people are increasingly turning to search before […]

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November 2017 SEO Monthly Roundup

Four articles have particularly attracted our interest for this monthly SEO roundup. The first one is by Aja Frost and was published on Hubspot. It talks about how to deal with drops in SEO ranking: it is a very thorough examination of the most common causes of this and of how to address the problem; it also features […]

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