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AI in sales and marketing – is the “digital paradox” getting more problematic or clearer?

It’s fair to say that if you’re involved in sales and marketing that you are likely to have an inbox and social media feeds full of “news” about the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it will revolutionise your world.

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Is it a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Philippa Sherrell, Social Selling Lead at Broadley Speaking, thinks it might just be ! For many years traditional ‘social media agencies’ have trumpeted their success on the back of volume of ‘followers’ and ‘connections’  to either individual profiles or company LinkedIn pages. In the last few weeks, and after much pressure from those in the […]

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What an omnichannel campaign looks like in action and how to align sales and marketing teams.

  In 21st century sales and marketing, it is generally agreed that sticking to silos is not going to benefit anyone, but it is not always clear how to find the right syncretism to create consistent, well-targeted campaigns with perfect alignment among all teams involved. We believe that a blend of digital and human channels is […]

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Finding the perfect mix of human and digital skills in B2B sales.

The more digital technology advances, the more it will need human skills. This is the digital paradox of the 21st century. Digital technology is everywhere but, in a way, it is a victim of its own success: it has become so intelligent that it gives best results when talking to another intelligent being. A human. […]

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Collecting and using customer intelligence with Zoho Marketing Hub

  Nowadays, all businesses have many tools which help them collect customer information but, very often, these tools act in isolation and do not allow you to have a complete view of your customer journey. Many platforms will tell you which campaigns, promotions, channels are generating leads, but at some point there is a disconnection […]

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The Broad Sheet: B2B Sales Innovations.

    The 21st century B2B sales scenario is a very complex one with more and more decision makers and involved in any buying decision; all with their own buying motivations, barriers and communication styles. A decision may take months if not years. How do you even begin to navigate such a maze? How do […]

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