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Whether you are an SME looking for a straightforward entry level CRM system, or seeking a bespoke enterprise solution; Broadley Speaking can help.

A properly implemented CRM system allows us to build awareness with prospects, exert influence with buyers and sell products and services to decision makers. Through it, you can build and develop your sales pipeline and bring together the intelligence and tools to convert opportunities into sales.

Moreover, a CRM can also be used for Lead generation through real-time visitor tracking and marketing automation.

We are an approved Zoho Consulting Partner; we work with organisations to determine the features that are relevant for their particular needs. Crucially, we also provide the training and implementation strategy that ensures the most effective use of the platform.

30th May 2019

Collecting and using customer intelligence with Zoho Marketing Hub.

  Nowadays, all businesses have many tools which help them collect customer information but, very often, these tools act in isolation and do not allow you to have a complete view of your customer journey. Many platforms will tell you which campaigns, promotions, channels are generating leads, but at some point there is a disconnection […]

CRM, Digital marketing
20th February 2019

Innovation in Sales Systems. Part 2: The Digital Marketing Suite

    In Part 1, we reviewed the growth of the CRM and explored the latest features designed to help improve the salesperson’s (user) experience. The CRM is just one of many tools available to us that can assist our prospecting activities. Without it, we risk not giving our efforts the best chance of success; […]

CRM, Digital marketing
3rd January 2019

Innovation in Sales Systems. Part 1: the CRM.

  Innovation in Sales Systems Sales systems are everywhere! Most companies have one or indeed several different platforms that purport to be the “latest sales technology” that is “better than anything on the market” and is often peddled alongside irreverent terms such as “cutting edge”, “state-of-the-art” and “ground-breaking”.  Whilst most of that would appear to […]

B2B Sales, CRM, Digital marketing
31st July 2018

How to use your CRM to find new business leads.

    The benefits of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for keeping track of existing customers are generally quite well documented; the ability to build and draw insight from customer-specific information can help businesses to connect with their customers. But how does that process work for new business prospects and customers you haven’t acquired […]

25th June 2018

An innovative approach to Zoho CRM.

  In our line of business, we often find interesting opportunities to work internationally; even better, we occasionally find that something we do manages to gain global recognition. Zoho Corporation, based in Chennai, India is the software developer behind Zoho CRM and a host of other business applications. We have been working with Zoho for […]