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Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing is an approach to B2B marketing in which a company treats its key accounts as markets of their own. This means that ad-hoc communication strategies and tools are developed for each key account; this boosts involvement, revenue and engagement.

Engaging their prospects earlier in their buying process, businesses will be able to find higher value opportunities; furthermore, aligning strategic marketing initiatives with sales intelligence will maximise value and ROI.

Many businesses have been incorporating elements of Account Based Marketing into their B2B marketing strategy for a long time. However, nowadays communicating to prospects at the right time and with the necessary intelligence requires a systematic approach. This is exactly what Account Based Marketing does.

We employ a ground-breaking system called Total Prospect Management which represents the pinnacle of ABM and allows us to give amazing value to our clients. For this purpose, we have a Marketing Automation tool called OMNIA® which we have developed with our knowledge of what sales teams really need and of how Marketing and Sales  inside a business should cooperate.

With Total Prospect Management, we can give you the necessary intelligence to connect with your prospects at the right time.

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