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The Case for Outsourcing Marketing and Sales


B2B sales is an extremely competitive, sophisticated environment in which success depends on communication and information-sharing between marketing and sales. However, aligning marketing and sales is something not all companies can afford to do.

More and more companies are struggling to keep pace with process improvements and the right skillset needed to set up best practices in producing and sharing information. Key functions like Lead Generation or Account-Based Marketing usually require very expensive resources; outsourcing marketing functions can give Sales Directors the assurance of meeting their needs so they can stay focused on their core business.

This entails evaluating the overall roadmap, the corresponding technology needs and understanding what it takes to support that strategy; besides, there are regulatory and compliance issues like privacy and security, that affect all businesses and institutions.

So, outsourcing, really needs a strategic plan including technology, support and communication and this raises a few questions:

Have you got the right technology?

Does your marketing technology support your Sales teams? B2B buying decisions are long and tortuous processes which involve many decision-makers and touch-points; if you miss the complete picture of the buying jurney, you are bound to miss the deal.

How do you ensure your environment is secure, your infrastructure is sound and you have the right skillset?

You have to figure out the business applications that allow for marketing and sales to become aligned more efficient and better automated; your technology should provide real-time information for better business decision-making and sales and marketing convergence. This is still a crucial fact that many B2B sales teams are still missing. Think how much more efficient your salespeople would be if they could face their customers armed with tailored data about customer journey, buying habits, communication preferences and more.

Is your business lagging behind in this? Very often important business information is stored in very simple databases or even just spreadsheets; this simply does not provide the right marketing intelligence that B2B sales teams need, in order to close deals.

What value can come out of outsourcing for your business?

The main argument for outsourcing is the value that comes from having a dedicated team of experts; but the value can only come if there is collaboration between the outsourced team and the in-house team. We can’t stress the importance of this point enough because poor communication and collaboration, of course, lead to poor results.

The biggest thing at the start of a successful partnership is putting the effort into the planning phase of the outsourced function; to define roles and responsibilities for each task so that everybody is clear on deliverables, timeframes, KPI’s and reporting metrics.

Why choose us?

Many businesses around the world have chosen Broadley Speaking as their partner for marketing and lead generation functions. We use our own prospect management tool, Omnia -which runs on a Zoho platform- to provide our clients with crucial sales intelligence. The difference in our approach is that we have decades of sales expertise; we know what a sales team needs and we put this knowledge into a tool which works for marketing AND sales, a tool which we use ourselves for our own marketing and sales. We have become so versatile in the use of Omnia that we are now Zoho partners.

If you would like to know more about how Broadley Speaking can give you real value by becoming your outsourced Telemarketing partner, get in touch for a free consultation.



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