Apprentice - Broadley Speaking

The aim as a Broadley Speaking apprentice is to become a fully qualified Business Development Manager for the wider team.

In order to do this, you will learn to have a broad background in selling and a professional approach to marketing. You will learn how to generate appointments, penetrate new markets, generate maximum returns for your clients, and understanding of each role within the business including finance, marketing, personnel, IT, data management. You will learn during the apprenticeship how to “put it all together” and in the process derive self-satisfaction from achieving weekly, monthly and yearly objectives and growing within the business. 

Job Requirements:

  • Good GCSE’s / A-levels and the ‘right’ can-do attitude 
  • Excellent Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Strong Microsoft Office Skills with an IT problem solving mind
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • High degree of organisation, problem recognition and dispute resolution
  • Well presented as well as eloquent 
  • Good people skills and ability to relate to all ages
  • Have an enquiring mind and not to be afraid to ask
  • Pass your NVQ at the appropriate level with a view to extending to further qualifications 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop skills required to generate business opportunities
  • Understand steps of calling ad the skills required to make ‘the perfect call’
  • Understanding of all key roles within the business and spend time with the relevant people
  • Demonstrate a strong knowledge within a year of principles of sales and marketing.
  • Demonstrate “motivated” Behaviours
  • Maintain reports if required 
  • Engage with clients as well as the internal team
  • Attend PMTA meetings and understand how and why they work 
  • Undertake ‘non-core’ roles such as organising Christmas Party / birthday cards etc.