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6th July 2012

Call centres ‘ruin lives’

We occasionally pick up on the press that support the “call centre industry” – we’re not a subscriber as we don’t consider ourselves a part of it; no particular snobbery here but as you will see if you peruse their journals we just don’t have much in common with their type of activity.

Their journal Call Centres Focus does a sturdy job of rebutting Panorama’s ” Call Centres Uncovered”. Good points well made. It was as an extraordinarily lazy piece of “journalism”. It looked like it had been thrown together by a group of eager, but inexperienced, interns. You can read it here: 

Elsewhere in the same edition : “We don’t often think of the contact centre as an innovation centre. Call centres have a reputation of being locked down…………” 

At Broadley Speaking we would most definitely consider ourselves a centre of innovation -.

Every day our Account Managers innovate on behalf of our clients. Most usually we are creating new business opportunities measured in five or six figures for our client partners. This demands great listening skills, quick thinking and the power of calm and reasonable debating. It’s pleasant verbal jousting with senior executives in large companies or in the public centre. We believe this to be a World away from even the best “call centre” activity -both culturally and in practice.


Call us on 0800 988 7253 and arrange to come and hear and see the difference for yourself. We are most certainly not “locked down ” !