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World class business development across the buying group across the globe.

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It’s 07:18 in Tavistock.

Broadley Speaking Business Development Manager (BDM), Sandy and Director, David are here to make the connections between our client in Edinburgh and their prospect, a complete buying group from a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies who have around 94,000 employees located in more than 70 countries and territories. This morning the decision makers are based in Amsterdam, Seoul and Perth.

Sandy, the Broadley Speaking BDM, is actively involved in the meeting. He’s considered a member of our clients’ team and is known to all the prospect’s decision making team as he has made the initial contacts and connections.

Recent research tells us that there are on average 5.4 decision makers involved in any significant B2B buying decision – this morning there are 7 on the line; their time committed for a minimum of an hour and a half to take part in a fully interactive presentation from Broadley Speaking’s client. That’s 10.5 hours of dedicated decision making time focused on a sale that potentially, will have at least 6 zeros at the end of the number.

It’s worth thinking about how this came about.

About 4 years we started working with our client, a relatively small group of highly experienced, and highly talented, process control professionals who had developed a suite of powerful software tools for use in process industries such as oil and gas, nuclear, electricity and chemical industries. At that time, they had a handful of significant clients but none in the sectors mentioned.

As we engaged with them through our prep workshops we acquired the complex technical and intellectual property we needed to act as their professional sales and brand advocates.

They gave us “data” – a list of company names they would love to do business with. No contacts, no numbers, no organisation details.

From this start we have mapped out every global corporation on the list, site by site, asset by asset, to provide a picture of the size and make up of their target markets.

We have established the dynamics within the complex buying groups, encompassing economical and technical buyers and specifiers and in each case located a sales “coach” within each target organisation.

Most importantly we have engaged with them many times before our client has met them – or, in this case, met them virtually. In reality this means being able to have in depth sales conversations with very senior and experienced process control professionals across a major multinational corporation.

Before we hand what we term, a fully qualified prospect, to our client we will have conducted a full needs analysis, having gained an understanding of what is important to each decision maker involved in the buying process and a sense of the time it will take to drive the prospect through the sales pipeline.

Before the meeting our client receives a full brief on the potential opportunity, on each participant in the meeting and a record of all contact to date and every scrap of relevant research. This coupled with a complete verbal briefing from the Broadley Speaking BDM, means that they go into the sales meeting fully equipped and with the best possible chance to drive the sale toward completion.

This is what we mean by world class business development worldwide services. Finding, building and nurturing some of the biggest sales opportunities within some of the largest and most complex organisations in the world.

It’s by no means sector specific: we apply the same standards and rules in healthcare, education, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail and just about every B2B sector, in just about every geographical territory.

Our client list contains some of the biggest business brands in the world – we’d love the opportunity to talk with you about how we can support you in achieving your sales goals

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