Broadley's angels delivering new business solutions always


17th July 2012

Broadley’s Angels delivering new business solutions – always.

When MD Hilary and her trusty Account Managers Kerri and Mandy found themselves running behind schedule for a meeting with Broadley’s new enterprise mobility services client, these country gals knew they had to take on the Big Smoke.

Three abreast, they were striding purposefully and at considerable pace down the mean streets of central London. Brief cases in hands, hair blowing in the smog, they were determined to make it to that meeting ASAP.

Big Issue, Charlie’s Angels?”, cried the street vendor to our intrepid ladies with a mission.

One man knows how to make the days of this business crack team. Broadley Speaking taking on the big bad world of b2b telemarketing once again!

You decide who is Farrah Fawcett.