Where are they now? Lawrie Hatton - Broadley Speaking


Where are they now? Lawrie Hatton

Lawrie started work at Broadley Speaking in September 2004 and left almost 3 years later to join HSBC in their commercial banking team. He has a Physics degree from Kings College, London.

In common with many old colleagues there’s a strong tie with Broadley Speaking and they still keep in regular touch.

When asking colleagues about recollections of Lawrie – the most common word that was mentioned was “Budapest” ! We had our Annual Awards ceremony in Budapest and Lawrie, in the male minority at the time, had the pleasure of accompanying the mainly female team to the spa baths in Budapest ! ( What goes on stays on tour!!)

So let’s hear from Lawrie…………

“I’ve now been working at HSBC for over 10 years and in that time have worked in a number of different roles from the frontline in branches, dealing with personal customers, to spending most of my time in Commercial Banking, working with Small and Medium sized businesses, to now working in head office in the Midlands, monitoring financial crime risks across our UK business.

My time at Broadley Speaking was full of  good memories, the team were great to work with and came from a variety of backgrounds, were able to be professional and focused but also we had lot of fun times together as a group. From a skills and experience perspective it was also a great opportunity for me and 2 key areas have been helped drive my progression in the bank. Firstly, the ability to cold call has not only helped me build relationships over the phone but also greatly improved my confidence to try almost any challenge without fear of failure, I am recognised as a strong role model who is reliable at taking on any task. Second the professional, business approach has helped me engage with all manner of people both inside and out of the bank which has led to various points levels of recognition and recommendations.”

20th Anniversary