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The Broad Sheet. B2B newsletter, December 2018.

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If you are looking for practical advice on B2B business development and sales, our monthly newsletter, “The Broad Sheet” may be what you are looking for. The Broad Sheet provides valuable advice from B2B sales and marketing experts each month, completely free, in the form of videos, podcasts and downloadable resources.

In the December issue of The Broad Sheet you will find:

How science companies can benefit from outsourcing business development (podcast)

This month we open with something which may be considered a niche topic but it is very close to our heart: science companies often find it difficult to bring their products to market. Outsourcing new business development can be a winning choice for them…if done well. Listen to the advice of an expert who is a scientist with a long experience of B2B sales.

How to use SEO for lead generation

SEO is also a hot topic this month. Gone are the days when it was just about just about ranking and keywords; nowadays, it is a comprehensive strategy using organic search to make your website visible to the people who are searching for your products and services. Read this article to find out how to design and implement your own SEO strategy to bring good leads to your business.

A Case study about developing new business for a professional services provider

This is another very good example of applying a winning approach across different sectors. Our client was one of the UK’s leading firms of accountants and business advisers. They engaged us to create new business opportunities with some of the UK’s largest companies.

Our Season’s greetings video.

Finally, heartfelt thanks to all our amazing team and the clients which have given us their trust this year. All this and more has made this year really special and it is all in this video, including a very special address from the Town Crier of Tavistock.

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The Broad Sheet, December 2018