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Best Prospect Management Practices

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Are your lead generation and prospect management activities failing to drive growth for your business? Have you invested a lot of resources just to find yourself with a list of unqualified and ultimately useless leads?  Or are you missing out on important business opportunities? Unfortunately, this is a very common situation for businesses to be in; something has gone wrong, but what?

This article will highlight some best practices for your lead generation and prospect management activity.

First, build buyer personas.

This is a crucial step and the first one to take: knowing your target buyers will help you focus on their needs and pain points during all your campaigns. You will produce the right material and share it at the right time

Decide outreaching channels and campaigns .

Normally an integrated and automated approach is preferable. Nowadays we receive all sort of messages coming from every possible channel: an estimated number of 205 billion e-mails were sent throughout the world in 2015. Therefore, timeliness, value and variety are essential if you want your message to reach its target.

Qualify your prospects.

Don’t shoot in the dark. Use all your channels to find out as much as possible about your prospects. Buyers nowadays know a lot more about what they buy than sellers know about their potential customers: bridge this gap and you will be on your way to success.

Measure your prospects’ activities and adapt strategies.

Don’t just be happy with how many times your prospects visit your website/ open your newsletters/give you a call: track where they come from, what initiated the contact, what they like, what they share, when they are more likely to respond. All this is extremely valuable data to monitor and adjust your strategies.

Put your prospects at the centre of all communication activities .

Invest in a good marketing Automation system, input qualified data and set it to perform crucial marketing operations at the right time.

Nurture your prospects.

Marketing today is “relationship marketing”: prospects expect to be nurtured. Have a good top-of-mind campaign strategy and make sure you follow it.


Analysing, implementing, designing and developing your Prospect Management strategies is a circle where each element feeds the rest; you must keep the process going at all times.


If you need help with your lead generation or prospect management, get in touch for a free consultation.

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