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Global recognition for best in class new business development programmes

international new business development meeting

Broadley Speaking’s vision is to be recognised globally as the new business development partner of choice for companies selling complex products and services to senior decision makers

This is not to say we ever want to be a global brand to compete with Coca-Cola but that our methodologies , standards and ways of working around new business development are recognised by our customers and the broader market and we are the recommended partner of choice for companies seeking to build robust new business development pipelines.

The last few days our international recognition has been writ large. Here’s a picture of Hilary with the CSi team members from Holland, China, Mexico and the UK rattling through the menu at our local hostelry (and quite famous one too!) The Cornish Arms. As you might expect we do a fair bit of travelling ourselves but you do tend to forget the head scratching at local menus. It was interesting to try and explain the local provenance and styles to our guests. A great time had by all.

This was followed by an early morning call with the Compass Singapore team for Hilary and an international conference call with the Compass Global team for David. Its all go!

The vast majority of our work still comes through direct referral, so its particularly pleasing our reputation now extends to the UAE, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, China, and the USA – and not forgetting right across the UK & Ireland.

We believe our ways of working and the results they drive for companies seeking new business development solutions are unparalleled – you can call to talk with Brooke Pinkney 01822 618537, we promise to listen to your critical business issues and develop a bespoke solution that will meet them.



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