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24th June 2010

Telemarketing in the Herald

Telemarketing in the Herald

Nice piece in today’s Herald about telemarketing, Broadley Speaking and our growth. http://www.thisisplymouth.co.uk/business/Firm-new-recruits/article-2341553-detail/article.html

TAVISTOCK-based business-to-business telemarketing firm Broadley Speaking has recruited three people after a recruitment drive.

The company, which services customers from across the UK and Europe, had to recruit to meet customer demand and has been operating from its Tavistock base since 1997.

The three new employees, John Muttit, Sharon Bratchley and Qasim Ulhaq, have business backgrounds and sales experience, the firm said.

Managing director Hilary Broadley, pictured right, said: “It’s great to have them on board. We have new clients asking us to undertake sales projects every day.

“They generally feature selling relatively complex products and services and we are very confident that we have found the right new team members to help us achieve the aggressive goals we set for ourselves and clients.”

It depends what your perception of telemarketing and telesales is. Many people’s perception is, of course, defined by experience of receiving calls at home or work. Script led, vast numbers of calls to carelessly targeted “suspects” – it’s a clear case of old style broadcast marketing – chuck the message out and see what sticks. This is a world away from what we do at Broadley Speaking – professionally crafted sales calls to carefully selected senior individuals in which a dialogue is created [sell not tell]. Each call and conversation absolutely individualised depending on the defined needs of the potential customer.

Scott pointed to the ludicrous nature of those recorded messages that masquerade as telemarketing I guess. This is the polar opposite of our intelligent sales approach. Our bespoke , unscripted calling produces “intelligence” , intelligent responses and a level of “intimacy” and engagement unlikley to be found in the most social social media – and all this drives sales.

If the criteria for “social media” is the individuality of communication , the ability to create a dialogue ( as opposed to broadcasting messages) , to listen at a rate of 2:1 to talking , to engage at a different level and in depth with prospects , to create Word of Mouth referal we would maintain Broadley Speaking’s intelligent sales approach to telemarketing / telesales is the ultimate social media.