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The Broad Sheet – B2B sales newsletter. November 2018.


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If you are looking for practical advice on B2B business development and sales, our monthly newsletter, “The Broad Sheet” may be what you are looking for. The Broad Sheet provides valuable advice from B2B sales and marketing experts each month, completely free, in the form of videos, podcasts and downloadable resources.

In the November issue of The Broad Sheet you will find:

How to prepare and execute the perfect B2B sales call

Preparation is never more important than when you approach a sales call: losing or closing a deal may depend on how well you prepare your calls; we give you a fully comprehensive, intuitive guide written in plain English, available to download for free.

The 5 do’s and dont’s of cold calling

This is a video in which Hilary Broadley explains her most useful tips for your cold calling campaign. The telephone is still one of the most powerful tools to engage a business person in a two-way conversation and cold calling is an excellent way to talk to prospects……if done correctly.

How to ask the right questions when talking to buyers

Finally, once you are actually talking to a potential buyer, remember that questions are a powerful sales tools: they make your interlocutor understand you care about what is important to them.

But which questions should you ask a buyer? How do you find out what is important to them? Listen to the podcast contained in the November issue of The Broad Sheet.


The Broad Sheet November 2018


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