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14th June 2018

How data management can support B2B sales

s   We originally published this article on January 30th 2018; since then, we have bean accepted as Authorised Zoho Consulting Partners.   Big Data management is a big issue at the moment, and not just for big businesses. Companies have more information than ever before regarding their customers, competitors and operating processes; this has […]

B2B Sales
12th June 2018

The Case for Outsourcing Marketing and Sales

  B2B sales is an extremely competitive, sophisticated environment in which success depends on communication and information-sharing between marketing and sales. However, aligning marketing and sales is something not all companies can afford to do. More and more companies are struggling to keep pace with process improvements and the right skillset needed to set up […]

B2B Sales, Outsourcing
15th May 2018

How do you create a content strategy to get attention from your audience?

  “It’s never been easier to create content, it’s never been harder to reach your customer” Steve Rayson. Brighton SEO, April 2018. Those of us who attended some of the content talks at Brighton SEO in April arrived there with one big question on their minds: with the web so saturated with all types of […]

Digital marketing, SEO
1st May 2018

Happy May Day

  Long before May Day became synonymous with Soviet politicians and military parades through Moscow, it was an important date in the South-West’s calendar. A time for Devon and Cornwall to erupt in joyous celebration. In every town and village, the arrival of Spring was met with parties and feasting. Flaxen-haired maidens danced around maypoles, […]

Lead Generation
1st May 2018

4 things business developers can learn from Ayrton Senna

  This post was originally published on the 16th of June 2017. As it is now the 24th anniversary of Senna’s passing we thought it would be a great chance to repost this article to remember the great driver and the lessons he left for us.   My fellow car nerds may know that May […]

New business development
13th April 2018

Introducing an Independent Label into the UK Fashion Scene: Via Masini 80.

    L.Pucci has designed women’s trousers for nearly 50 years since Lorenzo and Bruno Pucci created the company in 1972. The second and third generation are now running the business from the Castelfiorentino HQ in the picturesque hills of Tuscany; in the meantime, L.Pucci has built a reputation for quality and style in many […]

Lead Generation, Total Prospect Management
10th April 2018

Things you Should Consider Before you Outsource Telemarketing

    This article follows and expands a post on the same topic we published about one year ago. You can read it here.   Should I outsource telemarketing? Will it work? Yes! BUT We would say that wouldn’t we! According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, telemarketing is one of the most cost effective […]

3rd April 2018

How to Generate Quality Leads for Technology Companies.

    Broadley Speaking provides science business development for companies looking for efficient ways to contact their potential market; our clients range from pharmaceutical companies, biotech start up’s and academia. Our team are fully conversant with the relevant aspects of marketing and selling in this niche sector; we know the B2B scientific and laboratory sectors […]

Lead Generation
8th February 2018

How to Carry out a Winning B2B Telemarketing Campaign.

    ‘Telemarketing’ is a blanket term which conjures up visions of mass call centres and high levels of cold calling; this bears little relation to what you are about to read. Briefing an agency. Your fundamental objective when engaging in a B2B Telemarketing campaign is surely to uncover new business opportunities and win new […]