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26th June 2012

An interesting dialogue re telemarketing v SEO

An interesting dialogue emerging  regarding the relative merits of telemarketing vs SEO.

A little bit pointless as you are hardly c0mparing “like for like” as they fulfil very different functions. We personally invest in SEO and PPC and recommend our clients to do so.

However we generate opportunities and sales for our clients measured in their millions. Most prospects we talk to on behalf of clients probably don’t even understand they have a “need” at the outset let alone seeing fit to search for an answer.

Most accounts we work on , whether it be retail assortment and planning software, enterprise learning and development programmes, materials handling equipment et al – the commonality between them most prospects “have one already” or think they have this element of their business sorted . Simply they don’t know what they don’t know and aren’t searching for an answer , as before we call they don’t know they have a question! So neither SEO or PPC probably relevant for them in that context.

A contributor called “telemarketing” an intrusion. A good point; poorly targeted, poorly crafted, intellectually illiterate calls are the bane of everyone’s life. If you are commissioning “telemarketing” you need to be aware that not all telemarketing is the same. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations !

In general regards as far  intrusions I get around 20 unsolicited emails in my inbox daily and those are the ones don’t get automatically put in the spam file. Almost all get deleted before being opened.

Quite often the people we  target for clients are at a level where they have assistants fielding their emails.

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