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All calls count in Demand Generation



Demand generation can be a costly activity if you do not extract the maximum value from each interaction.

Time is precious in all aspects of business and generating new leads is costlier than nurturing existing relationships.

In an industry where our time is our client’s money, it’s vital we derive the maximum possible value from every pound they spend with us and help our clients stand out from the crowd; especially in those industries in which competition is fierce.

There is a common misconception that if the telephone is your chosen tool for lead generation activities then to yield results you must play a volume game; however, we believe the focus should be on making every call count not just counting every call. This means that each and every interaction with campaign prospects represents a valuable result for our client. Each of our activities counts towards the end goal which can be appointments with senior decision makers, fully qualified leads or a completed piece of market research.

Data cleansing and validation are key activities that often our clients struggle to find time for and our activities provide them with up to date and accurate data; key components for your successful sales, marketing and lead generation activities

Intelligence gathering and market mapping are also strategic exercises that can easily lose priority due to more pressing day-to-day matters.

Our Sales Approach

Our intuitive approach and the natural curiosity of our team can give our clients a clearer picture of competitor activity and the contract landscape; this way our clients are in the best position to capitalise on opportunities when they come to market.

We know that on average there are 5.4 people involved in every buying decision in a business setting. Our calls allow us to build a picture of the ‘buying grid’ in the target organisation so that our clients understand who the decision makers are and what’s important to them. Asking the right questions and demonstrating our excellent knowledge of our clients’ product or service allows us to position them at the front of the minds of their key targets in a way in which email campaigns or other forms of direct marketing so often fail to do.

Catalysing change is a long-term game and ultimately this is what we do – we question the status quo and enable our clients to capitalise on these changes by generating high-quality leads. You can catalyse change in one call but often you need to nurture it over a period of sustained and meaningful contact with prospects and over that time period we can clearly demonstrate the value of making every call count.

Let me recommend a sales approach from first contact to securing a meeting for a client.

This will show you how we integrate the telephone will the most modern marketing technology.

  1. Start from mapping the target organisation to identify the buying groups who will have a role in the sales process. For this first step we use the telephone, LinkedIn and online research.
  2. Next, identify the four key buyers, the Economic Buyer, Technical Buyer, User Buyer and in time a coach. A coach could be a different buyer or one of the above. This step is also done by calling the organisation perhaps the secretary to the board to gather this information, what we can’t gather by the phone we will look to LinkedIn or other business platforms.
  3. Once you have mapped the organisation and buyers, tailor your approach to each of them to ensure the topic of the conversation is relevant and engaging.
  4. Pick up the phone and call your prospects; identify an opportunity, match their needs to the features and benefits of your client’s proposition and set a well-qualified meeting.
  5. Once you have spoken to your prospects you will know their needs, buying habits and favourite communication styles; enter all this information in Omnia where you will use it for future campaigns (telephone, e-mail, social media…)
  6. By the time you have arranged a meeting between a prospect and your client’s sales team, the sales team will possess really useful information to approach their leads at the best time to close the best deals.


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