A terrific week for "telemarketing" - Broadley Speaking


18th March 2011

A terrific week for “telemarketing”

Marketing buyers seem to be getting smarter in their buying methodologies. Since the beginning of the year we have seen many run strict evaluation programmes across their previous years marketing activity as they plan 2011 marketing programmes. Counting pound for pound , lead for lead, sale for sale. Our particular style of business to business telemarketing, that we call “Intelligent Sales” has had the rule run over it now against direct mail, email broadcasts, high level conferences, in house seminars, on paper advertising and new media activity.

On each occassion analysis demonstrated that £ for £ , sale for sale Broadley Speaking’s “Intelligent Sales” approach delivers more bang for the average buck than almost any other alternative mechanism. Simply, fully qualified sales leads generated by unscripted , professional telemarketing and telesales produces higher quality sales opportunities further through the regular sales cycle than other marketing routes.
What was the natural conclusion as these organisations move forward with a conscious eye on budget – pump more money into telemarketing and abanadon less productive routes.

Also worthy of note that “telemarketing” is about as relevant generic term as “manufacturing” or “commerce”. It’s a huge spectrum and having, this week, won a competitive tender against a 3 year old incumbent who we might politely call a “regular” telemarketing operation it was nice that our approach and methodology described by the ( new) client as a “revelation”. All telemarketing isn’t the same – give us a call and we’ll point out the difference