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The 6 benefits of telemarketing


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Outbound telemarketing services still work better than just about any other method of generating highly-qualified leads. Hiring a sales team is an investment that needs a lot of careful consideration.

The benefits of outsourcing outbound telemarketing support include:

Improving sales at a lower cost

Setting up a sales team can take time and is a large investment. We can work with you to set up your sales pipeline and support you as you create your own team.

Flexible variable cost

At times it may be necessary to ramp up sales activity to retain your competitive advantage or market share. Extending and developing your own in-house team internally can be limited by time and budget. Outsourcing your sales activity allows you the flexibility to change your sales effort without the usual costs associated with this.

Dealing with peak sales periods

For your sales team it can be difficult to shelve activity to deal with lifts in sales needs or changes in demand. The time taken to hire new staff can also mean you lose the competitive edge before you have even attempted to increase sales activity. Outsourcing allows you the flexibility of high quality support when you need it.

Creating opportunities for your sales team

Most sales people will find a reason not to cold call and it’s not surprising. It takes long to wade through data and there are no easy wins. The importance of this activity can also fade when faced with more pressing relationship management issues with larger clients. Outsourcing gets this necessary work done and unearths new clients and opportunities.

Supporting your field sales team

Your team may be more focused and trained to deal with face to face meetings. Outsourcing can generate qualified appointments or opportunities, enabling your team to deal with the client directly and work to close the deal. Outsourcing can also help to increase territorial sales yields which have remained static or shown ecline.

Testing of new products or services

For larger teams rolling out localised offers or testing new concepts on the market can be a managerial minefield. Outsourcing research or test campaigns means you can fine tune your proposal or pitch before rolling out expensive nationwide initiatives.

And finally … the benefit of hiring
sales professionals to do the selling

We sell day in, day out. We regularly train our staff in up to the minute techniques. Being good at sales doesn’t happen by accident. Your team may be giving your competitors an
advantage unless they are fully trained and committed to selling.

But isn’t the future digital?

Is online marketing, -be it a blog, a ppc campaign or heavy investment in SEO- really the way ahead? Whilst the value of professional online marketing cannot be argued, it is important to look at the actual results that are generated from all online activity, especially for a business in a B2B sector.

For example, from your last email campaign you may know how many current or potential clients opened your email or visited your website? It is important to realise that this is the start of a business relationship. Can you tell what they thought of your products or services? Do you know when they review their budgets?

Outbound Telemarketing can strengthen any marketing activity, increasing the ROI by bringing the opportunity of a sale much closer.

We would love to discuss a specific outbound telemarketing campaign or discuss how Broadley Speaking’s intelligent sales approach has helped our clients’ businesses develop and grow.

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