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5 Do’s and Dont’s of Cold Calling.

B2B cold calling

Cold calling is often viewed as a fairly unsophisticated form of lead generation. Actually, a poorly-executed B2B telemarketing campaign can cause untold damage to a brand and make a huge dent in marketing budgets without generating any results.

On the contrary, when properly executed, cold calling is still one of the most efficient lead generation techniques.

Your prospective clients will be using a range of communication tools, digital and traditional, but the best way to connect with them is by talking and, apart from a face-to-face meeting, the best way to engage another business person in a two-way conversation is the phone. There is no substitute for human interaction when it comes to finding out what you really want to know, listening, building a rapport and influencing people. Invariably, that involves picking up the phone and talking to people.

So here are our 5 do’s for a successful cold calling activity….

1. Be interested

First of all, you have to be genuinely interested in your prospects’ issues and pain points; they will notice it, if you are faking interest.

2. Prepare

Do your research on your prospect and their products or services and prepare your attitude. Are you mentally prepared for this call? Have you tried to anticipate the objections you may receive?

3. Change your views.

Everything should focus around the person you are going to call. Think about the questions you can ask them. Think about what they need and what their drivers are.

4. Embrace objections

Objections are a good sign; they show interest. Why would people not have objections before they make a buying decision? Get ready, anticipate and prepare to handle objections.

5. Start strong

Have a structure. Think of how you are going to open the call, how to introduce yourself and what to say at all stages of your call.

…and here are 5 dont’s.

1. Don’t set yourself up to fail

Cold calling is hard and you are not going to get great results every day; so don’t set yourself unrealistic targets which might have a negative impact on your confidence and determination.

2. Don’t underestimate the task

Cold calling requires utter preparation and skills: don’t take it lightly. Respect the person you are gong to call and treat every call as if it was -and in fact it may well be- the call that gives you the best business opportunity of your life.

3. Don’t think about yourself

It’s not about you; it’s about them. Put your prospects at the centre; plan for them. When is the best time to call them? (maybe you can get this information from a gatekeeper?). What are you going to say, if they don’t want to speak to you?

4. Don’t ignore buying signals

Your prospects will not immediately tell you if they are interested but they’ll give you buying signals, often in the form of questions or even objections. Do not ignore these buying signals : respond and make the most of them.

5. Don’t give up

Finally, this is a difficult job; it will require time and effort. It might take dozens of attempts before you even get to talk to a decision-maker but in the end, it will be worth it.


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