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4 things I wish I knew before I started Business Development.

Business development

Business development can offer some interesting surprises for the uninitiated. Some good, some bad and some in that strange grey area in-between.

So, without further ado, here’s 4 of those surprises:

1.) You can become a potato

Whether you’re mobile or office based, there is definitely a correlation between Business Development and comfort eating! We’re often found stressed and sedentary for around 7-8 hours day; that university sports society becomes a distant memory, and all hope of wearing slim fit summer t-shirts is lost…

This combined with my love for biscuits could have put me on the sugary slope to diabetes city. So to fight my bulging waistline, I decided to get back into exercise after work; this has allowed me to destress after a busy day, start losing weight and become healthier overall.

It goes without saying that being less stressed and happier can only lead to good things in the work environment!

2.) Multiple Touches are vital

The importance of diligent follow up contact cannot be overstated in business development. Most people are busy during the workweek and simply don’t have time to respond to calls or messages on the first, or even fifth, attempt.

Most of the time when people ignore contact attempts it’s nothing personal, it’s just because (like you) they are busy and have lives too!

For example, it took 20+ touches to get a meeting on one of my prospects. And when I got through they really appreciated that I kept in contact. So, don’t give up and keep following up!

3.) Gate-keepers are NOT your enemy

If you don’t treat them right, reception is one department that can make you feel 4 inches tall. However, despite this, receptionists (yes, even the challenging ones!) should always be treated with respect.

(a) You ‘re the one that interrupted their day (b) they do provide a valuable service and, (c) just like you, they’re only doing their job.

Most importantly, if they like you, receptionists can be your advocate within the organisation and actively help you in getting to the right person.

If all else fails, you’re reading this article online aren’t you!? So if it’s that hard to get through, think outside the box and use channels like social media, or even the post instead!

4.) Organisation + long sales cycle = results

It’s well known that organisation has never been my strongest asset! However, as many sales cycles are getting longer and more complex, keeping track of information as it’s gathered becomes vital.

For example, a lot of my success comes from diligently noting down the correct information and contacting people at the right time. There’s no shame in this approach, because organisation really is a sales skill just like any other!

Most importantly, getting in touch at the right time, when there’s an actual need, will often save frustration on both sides, thus ensuring a happy prospect.

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