The wearing of many hats in prospect management.

Thought Leadership

19th June 2017

The wearing of many Hats in Prospect Management.

Hats on a shelf. The many hats of business development.


They may be different but they’re all hats.

Life is never dull for a Business Development Manager and at Broadley Speaking, we are lucky enough to work for different clients on different accounts at the same time. Over the years we have enjoyed a plethora of accounts and had a chance to view a window into another’s working world understanding what’s important to them both in that moment and from a strategic prospective.

We speak with C-level personnel within large charities like Oxfam, self-employed landscape gardeners, fund managers within large investment houses, estate agents and the assistants to the world’s most powerful women in business. All different. But all the same too. All with a list of priorities and obstacles to overcome. Within the same working day, one can be talking to prospects at both ends of the spectrum, and identifying what’s important to the person on the end of the phone is the common element in all calls.

We all have different job roles, different priorities and require different information; that is why communication is key in prospect management and that is why we need to put the prospect at the centre of all our communication activities.  This can be as much to do with personal style and personality as job role and stature within a company: everyone has different needs and we must be good at understanding them. Hats need to switch and our listening skills have become honed to pick up on a prospect’s concern about a key priority within their working life: we hear the bad day in their voice, or indeed the good one and build on this.

The hats switch, but the human element remains the same.


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