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12th October 2017

Why you Need Lead Generation

You need lead generation


No business can go without Lead Generation: generating leads is a crucial step in an individual’s journey to becoming a customer of your business. Without leads you can’t win new customers and close sales. Moreover, your salespeople may believe they’ve hit the upper limit of people and companies to sell their products or services; in reality, they might not be looking hard enough or in the right places for new business.
For over twenty years Broadley Speaking has used its Total Prospect Management system to generate qualified leads for clients in sectors as diverse as food services, professional services and manufacturing.
Of course over the years, our working practices have evolved with the evolution of technology, but our philosophy remains the same: putting the prospect at the centre of all our communication activities.We know the subtleties of B2B lead generation and we know what it takes to qualify a prospect, nurture a relationship and generate tailored leads for our clients no matter their business sector: the approach works for a plastic manufacturer, a food service provider, an Italian fashion house and many more.

The advancement in technology has brought to us a brilliant platform like Zoho, on which Omnia, our Total Prospect Management system run: our success creating value for our clients using Omnia has been so great that Zoho have selected us as a case study to be released in video in the near future, along brands like Amazon.
Lead Generation is such a specialist field that we believe there is a case for outsourcing Lead Generation activities so that they are performed by professionals whose only occupation is researching, qualifying and engaging prospects and who work closely with their clients on a daily basis.

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