My SEO efforts are not bringing B2B leads: how can I fix this?

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28th September 2017

How to use SEO for lead generation.

SEO for lead generation


Are you getting too much website traffic from unqualified sources and not enough from the right kind of visitors? Do you have good keyword ranking but not enough engagement and conversions? It’s a common situation to be in.

Unfortunately, many times the only SEO strategy in a business is generic visibility or high rankings but SEO is really valuable to a business only when it brings in fresh, qualified leads; even more so for B2B.

We have written in previous posts about how important it is to have clear SEO business goals and integrate SEO with other digital and traditional marketing activities for better chances of success; this article will tell you how to use data-driven SEO to generate B2B leads for your business AND convert those leads into sales.

Attract and engage the right type of visitors:

If you are visible to users who are looking exactly for your services or products, then your SEO is delivering the right traffic for you. Design your website and create material with your buyer personas in mind: who are they? What are their pain points? What use is your website to them? You must provide real value and great User Experience for your visitors: contents which answers the questions which keep them up at night and a website which is easy to navigate

When you have all this, you want to engage your visitors, get them to give you a call or leave their e-mail with you so you can turn them into prospects to nurture. You should have lead magnets: give away valuable resources for free (guides, case studies, tools….) but ask visitors to give you their e-mail address; if they think you are useful to them, they will be happy to give you their e-mail. Have a double opt-in system: it’s more complicated but it will shield you from spam and make your visitors feel more confident, too.

Concentrate on the right metrics:

What exactly do you want to track? What metrics will tell you if your SEO efforts are delivering the right Leads?

Lead Generation Metrics tell you how many people are engaging with your contents through organic ranking and moving through the stages of your sales funnel. Among others, they will be:

  • Downloads
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Blog followers

Social interactions from pages on your website (likes, shares)

Conversion Metrics tell you how many prospects have contacted you after visiting your website. Among others they will be:

  • Calls from website
  • (Calls from Ads is an important metric, too, but this article is about organic search)
  • Contact form submissions
  • Request a callback form submissions

Make all the above clearly visible and actionable; keep track of it.

Downloads, blog followers, newsletter subscribers and social interactions from your website can be tracked with on-page tools which will register these types of interactions while conversion metrics like contact form submissions and website calls can be tracked by tagging your website with “event tracking” and “call tracking” codes; this can be tricky to implement, so make sure you backup your website before you do it and ask your web development team to do it. Set up goals in Google analytics.

Once you have got all this in place you are ready to track all the most important lead generation events on your website, understand which tactics are working and which ones aren’t and tailor your SEO efforts according to your data.

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