Demand Generation in the 21st century - What has changed?

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13th June 2017

Demand Generation in the 21st Century

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Why you still need Demand Generation

No business can go without Lead Generation; generating leads is a crucial step in an individual’s journey to becoming a customer of your business.  Without leads you can’t win new customers and close sales. Moreover, your salespeople may believe they’ve hit the upper limit of people and companies to sell their products or services; in reality, they might not be looking hard enough or in the right places for new business.

However, many businesses are frustrated by Lead Generation activities which fail to deliver qualified leads. This happens because Lead Generation is an activity which should be performed by experts; professionals whose core business is generating quality leads. It requires a thorough methodical approach with a high level of investment in terms of time and money.

For over twenty years Broadley Speaking has used its Total Prospect Management system to generate qualified leads for clients in sectors as diverse as food services, professional services and manufacturing. Of course over the years, our working practices have evolved with the evolution of technology, but our philosophy remains the same: putting the prospect at the centre of all our communication activities.

We provide the following Demand Generation services:

• Outbound telephone campaigns
SEO for demand generation
• social media campaigns
• blogging
• paid search
• email marketing

We know the subtleties of B2B demand generation; what it takes to qualify a prospect, nurture a relationship and generate tailored leads. Our approach works for a plastic manufacturer, a food service provider, an Italian fashion house and many more.

The advancement in technology has brought to us a brilliant tool like Omnia, our Total Prospect Management system. Our success creating value for our clients using Omnia has been so great that Zoho have selected us as accredited consulting and platform partners.

But for all our technology, the telephone is still our most powerful lead generation tool; if used well, our ears can still give us a lot of actionable information to use in all our other channels. We read articles and blogs on social media and lead generation every day on how the telephone is ‘dead’ in B2B sales, multi-channel communication has taken over and how the 21st century buyer prefers to communicate by email or social platforms, but how much of this do you think is true?

Our sales approach.

Let me recommend a sales approach from first contact to securing a meeting for a client. This will show you how we integrate the telephone will the most modern marketing technology.

  1. Start from mapping the target organisation to identify the buying groups who will have a role in the sales process. For this first step we use the telephone, LinkedIn and online research.
  2. Next, identify the four key buyers, the Economic Buyer, Technical Buyer, User Buyer and in time a coach. A coach could be a different buyer or one of the above. This step is also done by calling the organisation perhaps the secretary to the board to gather this information, what we can’t gather by the phone we will look to LinkedIn or other business platforms.
  3. Once you have mapped the organisation and buyers, tailor your approach to each of them to ensure the topic of the conversation is relevant and engaging.
  4. Pick up the phone and call your prospects; identify an opportunity, match their needs to the features and benefits of your client’s proposition and set a well-qualified meeting.
  5. Once you have spoken to your prospects you will know their needs, buying habits and favourite communication styles; enter all this information in Omnia where you will use it for future campaigns (telephone, e-mail, social media…)
  6. By the time you have arranged a meeting between a prospect and your client’s sales team, the sales team will be armed with really useful information to approach their leads at the best time to close the best deals.


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