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30th January 2018

How data management can support sales

  Big Data management is a big issue at the moment, and not just for big businesses. Companies have more information than ever before regarding their customers, competitors and operating processes. The increasing volume of information that is being measured, gathered and stored has reached a scale not previously seen, and continues to grow at […]

New business development
15th January 2018

Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

  If you are not already using LinkedIn for B2B lead Generation, you should start immediately: these statistics (courtesy of LinkedIn itself) will give you an idea of the power of LinkedIn. User base LinkedIn is the largest social media for B2B professionals in the world: 467 million – Total number of LinkedIn users. 1.5 Million – The […]

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26th September 2017

Is your conversion rate low?

We all strive for a higher conversion rate, be it for newsletter sing-ups, PPC click-through-rate, leads coming from e-mails or organic visits to our website, orders from landing page visits: it means our commercial strategy is sound and efficient, our web content is engaging, our e-mails are well crafted and so on. If your conversion […]

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22nd September 2017

Broadley Speaking Italia

  Broadley Speaking Italia continues to develop and thrive With a hugely successful few days in Italy making new colleagues and visiting old ones. Our first day was centred around Florence with a trip out t0 high end ladies fashion manufacturer L.P. Confezioni in Castelfiorentino. A wonderful family business which designs and creates high quality womenswear […]

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7th September 2017

Design your outsourcing strategy wisely

    Outsourcing often comes under scrutiny: many times it’s more trouble than it is worth, sometimes it does not deliver what it promises, it’s too difficult to manage and so on.  Problem number one is that very often the decision to outsource is not made after the necessary strategic thinking and it is often […]

New business development
5th September 2017

4 reasons to outsource new business

    Why would you outsource the business development activities at your company? Here are 4 reasons why you should outsource new business and its benefits. Focus your efforts as the experts. We have many clients who are cautious at first when outsourcing their prospect management to us, however, this is soon alleviated when they […]

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31st August 2017

Global recognition for best in class new business development programmes

Broadley Speaking’s vision is to be recognised globally as the new business development partner of choice for companies selling complex products and services to senior decision makers This is not to say we ever want to be a global brand to compete with Coca-Cola but that our methodologies , standards and ways of working around […]

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22nd August 2017

Driving new business development across the food and beverage manufacturing sector

Does your business target the food manufacturing industry for new business development ?

We believe Broadley Speaking can provide you with an unparalleled new business development service to support you in achieving your goals.

We also believe we can demonstrate a unique track record of consistent delivery for our clients seeking new sales revenue from the food manufacturing industry in the UK, across Europe and North America – we’d love the opportunity to talk you through them.

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22nd August 2017

The Best Business Development is an exercise in Stoicism

      Even the very best Business Development can be as unpredictable as the weather. In one moment you’re relaxing in the sunshine, then suddenly you’re in the eye of the storm. So any philosophy that focuses on the sheer ability to endure will be invaluable. It’s in this arena of grit and tenacity […]

New business development
17th August 2017

We do sales like Game of Thrones

        Okay so we all know the hot topic of the month is the return of Game of Thrones, with 9 million viewers hooked (including me) we can’t ignore the influence it is having on everyday life. Sales comes into play throughout your life, even without you realising it, it could be […]

New business development, Sales and Marketing Trends