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17th January 2018

SEO and Content Marketing Convergence.

    The importance of content marketing for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION has been a topic of conversation for many years: “content is king” has been one of the buzzwords at every digital marketing conference but only recently we have come to realise that the two must converge and be integrated. The purpose of SEO is […]

Digital marketing, SEO
15th January 2018

Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

  If you are not already using LinkedIn for B2B lead Generation, you should start immediately: these statistics (courtesy of LinkedIn itself) will give you an idea of the power of LinkedIn. User base LinkedIn is the largest social media for B2B professionals in the world: 467 million – Total number of LinkedIn users. 1.5 Million – The […]

Digital marketing, Lead Generation, New business development
15th December 2017

Optimise for “Ideas” and Catch your Leads Early on their Buying Journey.

Search is turning into problem-solving. The “Think with Google” Ads Research and Insights team has been digging into Google’s search data and found that people are more and more searching for ideas, actually using the word “idea” in searches: ”gift ideas”, “interview outfit ideas”, “holiday ideas” are among the most popular searches. In other words, […]

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30th November 2017

November 2017 SEO Monthly Roundup

Four articles have particularly attracted our interest for this monthly SEO roundup. The first one is by Aja Frost and was published on Hubspot. It talks about how to deal with drops in SEO ranking: it is a very thorough examination of the most common causes of this and of how to address the problem; it also features […]

Digital marketing
30th November 2017

November 2017 marketing roundup: the Best of ABM and Content Marketing.

For this month’s blogging roundup on marketing, we have selected four posts which are consistent with the main issues being discussed at the moment: content marketing and Account-based Marketing. The first one is by Michele Linn and is about how to focus on your audience  when creating your content marketing strategy. This is a concept which […]

Digital marketing
26th October 2017

Creating, Analysing and Distributing Web Content

    Are you struggling with creating content for your website? Are you short of time or ideas? are you not sure what kind of content would have the best chances of ranking high in SERP’s? You are not on your own; in fact thousands of website owners are faced with the task of updating […]

Digital marketing, SEO
29th September 2017

The power of hashtags

  A hashtag is a hyperlink between resources; in its common usage, it is a word or phrase preceded by the # symbol inside a message to indicate a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate search. If you use a hashtag in a message it becomes indexed and searchable so if someone clicks on […]

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